“For those that like to stand out,” there is a destination spot in downtown Detroit’s Harmonie Park. Whether there’s somewhere to be tonight, or it’s simply time to add an element of expression to your person, Spectacles is surely the first stop. Nested in the shadow of Detroit’s new ball parks, Comerica Park and Ford Field, and flanked on either side by the city’s theatre district and Greektown, Spectacles anticipates its 38th anniversary this year.

Proprietor Zana Smith has spent these years constructing a legend in Detroit. It is one that is shared among some of the most diverse people in the city. Young and old, artist or professional, these are the movers and shakers – and in their personal collections rest many a piece found at Spectacles… whether it’s that T-shirt with the obscure yet profound message that they were the first to wear, or the rare CD from that innovative local musician that no one else has because Spectacles had it before the world knew who she was. Still, these trend-setters visit the shop not only to see what’s new on the world’s stage of fashion, music, and literature, but to hopefully run into a few people that have influenced their past – or future.

Known for breaking new lines in Detroit, Spectacles is always changing, yet always there. There is a story behind every last item found in this quaint urban boutique, and product knowledge is one of the key aspects that the shop employees pride themselves on. Perhaps it is the chronic freshness that keeps people coming back, or maybe the fact that Spectacles has been both sponsor of and host to many of Detroit’s talents from Kid Rock to Dwele to Derrick May, as well as visiting legends like Run DMC. Or perhaps Spectacles is a landmark because you can find a piece of yourself there that no one else has seen. Spectacles offers clothing, accessories, music, and literature for men and women. Spectacles is always looking for what’s next.

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